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Jenna Hamilton
Matty McKibben
Lacey Hamilton
Tamara Kaplan
Jake Rosati
Sadie Saxton
Valerie Marks
Lissa Miller


An unpopular 15 year old gains immediate, yet unwanted, popularity at her high school when the student body mistakes an accident she has for a suicide attempt.

Did You know?

The "carefrontation" letter that Jenna receives and is so frequently mentioned on the show reads as follows: Jenna, As you are now, you could disappear and no one would notice. Below is a list of suggestions that you should seriously consider: Number 1: Stop being a p**** Number 2: Your instincts suck. Second guess them. Number 3: The only people more pathetic than you are your friends. Drop the dead weight. Number 4: When you're pretty, you're happy. And clearly you're not happy. Number 5: Pull your head out of your a** and stand out. Number 6: Nobody likes the pitiful. Stop being such a drag. Number 7: You have to be cruel to be kind. Number 8: Make amends. -A Friend.

Awards 2 wins & 8 nominations.
Seasons 5
Episodes 89
Status Canceled
Network MTV

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